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Sep 15, 2022

These are the Local Spanish Brands You Need to Support

Whether you are visiting Spain or call this country home, buying local Spanish brands is a way to be more sustainable and support the community.

Before the turn of the 20th century, clothing was custom-made and tailored to fit. Seamstresses were highly valued in society. And, in those days, even average women had basic seamstress skills. Back then, the majority of people owned a few quality and well-made outfits.  But, today? The average person buys 60% more clothing than they would have 15 years ago.

In this fast-paced consumer world, most of us have more than enough clothes. This is particularly true in the western world. But, did you know that the majority of us only wear 20% of the 80% in our wardrobes?  

Shocking. Right?

Local Spanish Brands Support Businesses and the Environment

We fill our wardrobes with things we don’t need. But more gravely, fast fashion has taken over the world and is on track to destroy our planet

Our clothing consumption has a huge impact on the environment. The more we consume fast fashion, the more clothing we have to get rid of. This waste ends up in landfills that pollute and harm the environment.

As demand for fast fashion increases, the more clothing companies produce. So, it’s up to us to change our habits and become more conscious consumers. If you want to learn more about conscious consumerism, check out my story on important ways to be more sustainable.  

Besides fast fashion’s material waste, the transportation of these goods pollutes our environment. So, isn’t it time we look closer to home? We need to support local brands and artisans here in Spain!

Supporting local Spanish fashion brands and designers allows you to invest in your own country, people, and artisan skills. This buying decision results in higher quality clothes and a more conscious approach to fashion. And, when you shop locally in Spain, you support someone’s dream and creativity. 

Our beloved Spain is a haven for artisans and tradition. This country is full of talented designers creating incredible and unique items. Below are some of my favorite Spanish fashion brands.

Magro Cardona  

Sandals from Spanish brand Magro and Co

Irene Magro and Ana Cardona founded this high-end footwear brand in 2014. The Spanish fashion company reflects the personalities of this duo with its mix of sophistication, tradition, and modernity.

Both Irene and Ana are advocates for the “made in Spain” ethos, and Magro Cardona is an example of Spanish fashion shops that collaborate with artisans throughout Spain.

The Magro Cardona brand is for women looking to escape trends. Shoppers who appreciate high quality, attention to detail, and expert craftsmanship with a modern approach to design will adore these shoes. Magro & Cardona is an honest, luxury Spanish footwear brand with an edge.

Visit the Magro Cardona website here.

Or, if you’re in Madrid, stop by the brick-and-mortar location in Malasaña. The store is one of the most welcoming and thoughtful Spanish fashion shops in the capital.

Calle del Divino Pastor, 6, 28004 Madrid 


Romualda, a brand imagined, designed and hand crafted in Spain. I absolutely love their unique and creative hats!

Hand painted and reversible, these hats are made out of organic cotton and recycled PES from ocean bottles for the inside of each hat.

Created by sisters, Cristina & Mariana, designer and painter. Romualda uses ancestral techniques and respects the purity of the materials. And, they’re always looking for ways to create exquisite products.


CeliaB is a Spanish fashion brand founded in 2012. The company designs fun, vibrant, and timeless clothing. Women shine bright in their pieces!  

The founder Celia has a passion for color, textiles, and craftsmanship. She is committed to creating timeless items that will last forever. Celia creates capsule collections that customers can buy when they want. She does not want buyers to be influenced by trends or fast fashion purchasing. Celia also maintains a strong commitment to sustainability.

The CeliaB manifesto is “We firmly believe in empowering people to feel special and unique by creating timeless, fun, and unusual designs that transmit to those wearing them a spirit of uniqueness and freedom that goes beyond fashion trends.”

CeliaB is one of the Spanish clothing brands you should consider investing in. Check out the collection, here or if you’re lucky enough to be in Oviedo, Celia’s hometown, then send a note to info@celiab.com and request a visit to Celia’s charming showroom.

Calle del Águila, 5, 1 IZDA
Oviedo, Asturias, 33003

Lola & Lo 

Another high-end shoe line produced in Spain is Lola & Lo. Founded in 2015 by Raul Coloma and Antoni Gascon, Lola & Lo uses the best materials and local artisan talent to create sophisticated designs for very fashionable women.

Sexy and sultry, the footwear brand takes its inspiration from colors and textures around the world. Its truly global esthetic is especially prevalent in Lola & Lo’s signature pieces- espadrilles and stilettos. Swoon!

But don’t worry, they also carry a full range of stylish booties, foots, and flats, too.

If you’re in Madrid, shop in person at their salon located at Plaza de las Salesas, 11.

Or browse the Lola & Lo website here.  

Maria Goya Studio 

The faces behind Maria Goya are mother, Yolanda, and daughter, Virginia. Originally from Bilboa, the family design-duo now works out of their exclusive studio in Madrid.

The brand inspiration began when Yolanda was just 15 years old. She struggled to find the right clothes for her taste, so she decided to create her own after her mother taught her to sew. Yolanda then passed this knowledge and traditions to her daughter, Virginia.

The Maria Goya Studio collections are timeless, unique, and exclusive. They only use 100% natural materials and make each item by hand, making each piece an original work of art. You can see the remarkable level of craftsmanship in every detail of the clothing.

If you’re interested in buying clothes from Spain and would like to support Yolanda and Virginia, send them a note at hola@maria-goya.com. They’ll involve you in the creative process and ensure you’ll love your bespoke garment.

Check out Maria Goya Studio, here.  

Laia Alen: Best Spanish Handbag Manufacturers for Bolsitos  

Looking for local Spanish handbag manufacturers with unique designs and elevated styles? Consider, Laia Alen.

The company namesake and head designer Laia is passionate about vibrant fabrics, embroidery, and mixing vintage with opulent style. While Laia carries a line of gorgeous knitwear, it’s her bolsitos that I find extra special. Sourcing amazing fabrics and materials from different places, Laia creates fun eclectic designs that are inspired by her travels.

Committed to sustainability, Laia Alen controls all facets of production to reduce their carbon blueprint and is careful to work with local partners that share in the company’s core values. The company also uses 70% solar energy in their manufacturing process, limits their use of water, and uses all recycled materials in their shipping packaging.

Laia Alen is one of the most special Spanish handbag manufacturers and you can support them by giving them a look here.

Shop This Spanish Fashion Brands List

So, what is the ultimate Spanish fashion brands list? Here is a recap of the incredible local Spanish designers and fashion brands you need to know:

  • Magro Cardona: Spanish artisan footwear with an edge.
  • Celiab: colorful capsule collections that do not blindly follow trends.
  • Lola & Lo: High-end artisan footwear known for their espadrilles and stilettos.
  • Maria Goya Studio: mother-daughter design team where “handmade” is taken to another level.
  • Laia Alen: unique bolsitos that tell a story. Think vintage materials mixed with opulent designs from a company the highly values sustainability.

Support Local Spanish Brands and Help Your Community

Shopping local Spanish brands can help you discover new designers, support artisans, and become a more conscious consumer. It’s incredible what is actually available to us in Spain regarding local designers and artisans.

We must acknowledge that our buying decisions affect the planet. And remember before you make any purchases, consider these questions:

  • What is this made of?
  • How was this made?
  • Who made this?

Now more than ever, it is vital to support our community and look after the place we live. I highly encourage you to look closer to home when shopping for new items. And remember to support your local community where possible.

Do you have any local Spanish fashion brands you love? Tell us in the comments!


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