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Sep 14, 2020

Best Spots in Madrid to Grab an Amazing Outdoor Workout

Spain has over 300 days of sunshine a year, so why not take your regular indoor workout outside and explore some of the best parks that Madrid has to offer? Getting some outdoor exercise will not only put some fresh air in your lungs, but it will also allow you to explore some of the most incredible hidden gems that Madrid has to offer. 

Retiro Park

Outdoor Workout Madrid
Runners in Retiro Park

This may be the most obvious choice. From the running track around the ENTIRE park to the copious amounts of group classes you can find being held among the shrubbery, there is no limit to the number of things you can do in Retiro. 

Getting to know every inch of this park will take some time, so don’t rush. Explore and find the kind of spot you like best. You will not be lonely during your workout, and Retiro is easily accessible from the metros.

A lot of the classes in Retiro can be found on Meetup. There are regular sessions as well as special 1-time meetings to help you get outside and feel fresh! 

Best time: Weekend mornings 
Exercise recommendation: Take a class or meet up for a run! 

Parque Oeste

Park Oeste Best Place for Outdoor Workout in Madrid
Templo de Debod, Park Oeste

Best workout spot with an amazing sunset in Madrid? That’s a bit debatable, but many will say Parque Oeste and Templo de Debod. Situated just a short walk from Plaza de Espana, the Palace, or even Moncloa.

Oeste is known for its stunning view of mountains and greenery to the west. This makes it possibly the best place to grab a picnic and watch the sunset. But the park offers more than just lounging on a blanket and enjoying a bottle of wine. The park itself is relatively hilly, making it fantastic for interval training.

The temple section has flatter areas where you can find people running around, working with a trainer, or hitting the yoga mat. While sunset is the real hip time to go, if you want to workout without too many people around, it is quite empty in the mornings.  

Best time: Weekday Mornings 
Exercise recommendation: HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, PT

Casa de Campo

Get an Outdoor Workout at Casa de Campo
The lake at Casa de Campo

Situated just west of Parque Oeste, Casa de Campo has 4400 acres of recreation space. It’s a massive park that’s 5x the size of New York’s Central Park! You can definitely get lost in nature and have a great workout without ever leaving Madrid. 

Casa de Campo is accessible by metro or from the Madrid Rio area. It depends on what part of the park you want to hit; needless to say, the park has enough space for all your workout needs.

Inside you will find a lake, an amusement park, the zoo, and plenty of trails. Casa de Campo is excellent for riding a bike around and exploring different views of the city. 

If you are training for a half or full marathon, this green space’s size is an excellent place to be. Even some of the major running races in the city will go through this park. 

Best time: Weekend afternoons
Exercise recommendation: Long Run, Bike Ride

Parque del Cerro del Tío Pío, aka “Siete Tetas.” 

Known as siete tetas (unimaginatively this means seven hilly mounds, i.e., breasts!), this park located in the south-eastern suburbs has unique hills overlooking Madrid. Most people think that Debod is the ultimate Madrid place to see the sunset, but this park offers sunset AND city views. 

Like Debod, it’s not only all about sitting and watching. This park is also absolutely fantastic for interval training. If you’re interested in trail running but don’t have the time to trek out to the mountains, this park is for you. Alternatively, you could go for just a nice leisurely walk up and down, taking in that cityscape. It’s a great outdoor workout option in Madrid, and when you’re done, you’ll literally feel like you’re on top of the world. 

Best time: weekday afternoons and evenings
Workout recommendation: Running, walking, HIIT 

El Pardo 

El Pardo Mardid
The lush greenery at El Pardo

Looking to workout somewhere with a palace, plenty of natural lakes and rivers, and is only 30 minutes by bus from Madrid’s center? Situated in the Northwest corner of the city, the formal dictatorial residence was kept pristine and lovely. Now it’s a wonderful place to get your fill of fresh air while still being close to the city. 

El Pardo is probably your best chance to get a glance at some wildlife and is excellent for city hiking. While the incline may not be as steep as other parks, it offers long trails, great routes, and the opportunity to really feel surrounded by the wild. 

Best time: Weekends 
Workout recommendation: Hiking, long walk with friends

Madrid Río 

Madrid Rio
One of the many bridges that pass through Madrid Río.

This huge multi-kilometer park runs along the Manzanares river from Principe Pio to Legazpi (and beyond!) and with so many options, it’s a great spot for an outdoor workout in Madrid.

The path is flat and paved, allowing for walkers, runners, bikers, and even rollerbladers to have enough space to get around. This is a beautiful place to rent a city bike, feel the breeze on your face, and enjoy Madrid.

You’ll have views of the Palace and easy access to Casa de Campo in the northern part of the park. As you move south, you will hit the Matadero, the old meat district turned funky art space. 

Best time: Sunday Afternoon (though, very busy!)
Workout recommendation: Biking, walking, rollerblading

Despite being a city space, Madrid has plenty of green places to grab a fantastic outdoor workout. So meet up with friends for some exercise and explore a different part of the city!

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